It’s not over!

(Blows off all the cobwebs)

Hey guys! As the title says it ain’t over yet. We will be back with a new piece shortly! I know it’s been a long time. I think this will become something we visit every now and again, not the weekly event it used to be. But it’s too much fun to stop doing. Our next images will be based on Dark Souls. Stay tuned!

Logo for our collaboration projects

First Zine is now up for sale!

Ok so the journey of this very long road has finally come to a brilliant finish! Phew what a relief! It is time for us to put our efforts into an entirely new project! Please go visit and buy our lovely zine!!!

We are James Loram and Sam Rennocks and our collaboration efforts are now going under the name ‘Two-Headed Coin Press’ (Logo to shortly follow).

Science Zines!

Hey guys!

I know we’ve been a bit quiet on the 16bitfury side of things lately. You can blame it on our latest collaboration which resulted in this Science Zine! We’ve been working hard on it and now its going up for sale very shortly ( I will post a link when its ready). We love fun facts and science, so it made sense to put one and one together and get illustrating! Inside are 16 full colour illustrations, I hope you all dig it :)




On the left: James Loram. On the right: Sam Rennocks